hi hello this is olena. you may know me from: 

User research, product design and experience strategy work with a range of clients across multiple industries. Think about safeguarding a funding round for a fintech startup, shaping success of a critical nextgen wealth transfer community at a private bank, or making several innovation labs greenlight something disruptive in insurtech 🤫 

The Old Reader (I founded it in 2012, acq. 2014)

Fakecontrol — decentralised media project that was active during 2013-2014 to counter informational warfare at the beginning of Russian invasion into Ukraine

GAN/ML art practice where I force machine learning technology to work with me at scale in providing a responce to tech advances, exploring phenomenology of digital art and generative abstractions.

Photographic art practice: long-term projects and short series, photobooks designs, Ukrainian Photographic Alternative foundation

Writings on photography, Human-Computer Interaction, intersection of tech and beauty, bespoke memes and hot takes on twitter dot com

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I will absolutely finish this site at some point in the future and properly showcase all the exciting stuff I am working on now. Yeah, right.